My HTML and CSS Mistakes: What They Don't Tell You in Books and Tutorials

I have three 'div' HTML elements one after the other and all three are styled as float left if 'b' is also styled clear: left then on my old Conqueror 4.3 browser they appear as whilst on Internet Explorer, they appear as can get IE to look like my browser by putting 'b' and 'c' in a new 'div' which is styled float left and by moving the clear: left onto it. When showing the boards of players floated together in a message box any padding at the bottom of the message box is ignored to fix this I need to style the message box itself float left this makes it visually contain the boards. The board of the player on the far right of the line of boards is sometimes shown squashed up horizontally on Internet Explorer.

The darkness of the colors varies a lot i use a script to generate some CSS for a rainbow of colors but it put decimal places in the color attribute and so the rules were ignored it is an accessibility feature. On Internet Explorer your press the 'alt' key together with the access key to click a button. On my Conqueror browser you press the 'ctrl' key followed by an access key. On my browser when you press the 'ctrl' key it shows all available access keys but on Internet Explorer I think you need to show the access key combinations in labels list them all or somehow underline their letters in the labels.
Unfortunately, if you use letters for access keys then they will override the keyboard shortcuts used by Internet On my browser this is less of a problem as you have to click and focus on the page in the browser before you can use an access key. Worse still, the access key combinations can conflict with shortcuts used by screen readers. I understand that because of these problems access keys are less popular now.
I have read that search engines give these tags little weight. My browser does not give an error but may ignore part of the CSS that follows. The 'minimizing' scripts I wrote shorten names and start some with an underscore in order to avoid clashes with existing names.

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